Frequently Asked Questions

Our company exports to customers all around the world, both by road and by sea. Our partners in the field of transport are able to deliver from small quantities (consolidation of few pallets) to entire container cargo.

Salt in brine keeps the olives fresh and is needed for their fermentation and preservation. They can stay for a few hours outside brine but after that they will be ruined and the taste will deteriorate significantly. There is an old rule we to stress how import salt is to olives and it goes: An olive outside brine, it’s like a fish outside water. It wont survive.

From Piraeus to New York port you may get your shipment in 14 days with a direct service or about 25 with a non-direct. 

Depending on your specific needs we can prepare for you a custom made offer.  Olive prices are not fixed and can be changed in accordance with the current market and crop conditions.  Feel free to contact us to send you more details

Abbreviation Commercially Standardized
Product Size Name
SSM Super Super Mammoth 070/090
SM Super Mammoth 091/100
M Mammoth 101/110
SC Super Colossal 111/120
C Colossal 121/140
G Giants 141/160
EJ Extra Jumbo 161/180
J Jumbo 181/200
EL Extra Large 201/230
L Large 231/260
S Superior 261/290
BR Brilliant 291/320
F Fine 321/350
BU Bullets 351/380

We address to food wholesalers, repackers, distributors and retailers who trade olive products in bulk mainly. Our products are exported to clients worldwide. At the same time, we are able to serve the local market αs well.

In Greece, it is estimated that there are around 38 varieties of olives. The name and their distinction is based on the morphological characteristics, such as the appearance of the tree, the leaves, the fruit, the core, the relationship of the flesh to the core and other traits which make fruit and help to distinguish the different varieties. Most common and known varieties are the varieties: Kalamon, Konservolia or Amfissa, and the Halkidiki.

Kalamata olives are really unique. The ultimate olive in our book, with its almond shape, black to purple and brownish color, strong flesh and juicy! Baptized and ferment in brine using only natural methods, and later when packed with the addition of acetic acid and/or wine vinegar its what gives the characteristic flavor touch. This unique special process which starts from carefully selecting the best olives during harvest time in November, until the arrival of the olive to our tables is what makes the Kalamata Olive, the Queen of Olives. It is, also no coincidence, that ranks first grade in the “Table Olives” category “, in world rankings. Make no mistake, you can’t beat the Greek variety Kalamata flavor in terms of flesh and taste. Be very careful when you choose your olives and try to avoid Kalamata-Style or any non-Greek varieties you find as you will be disappointed otherwise.

Note to all EU interested parties: Kindly note that Kalamata variety is grown mainly in Aitoloakarnania prefecture, Fthiotis and Lakonia. The Kalamata prefecture where the PDO Kalamata for these olives takes its name, accounts for less than 10% of all the Kalamata olives grown in Greece.  Therefore any demands from EU members customers will be stated on labels and packages with the variety name as known in Greece: “Kalamon Olives” and/or “Kalamata Olives” until there is a final decision made on whether the name will be refer to as PDO or PGI which serves the Greek interests in all areas much better.

type capacity Units / case pallet per layer layers case HT in cm pallet HT in cm total cases Case gross WT total units Pallet Total WT in kg
PET 3 L 6 EURO 80X120 5 6 25 170 30 20.1 180 623
PET 750 ml 12 EURO 80X120 8 9 16 164 72 10.5 864 776
PET 1,6 L 6 EURO 80X120 9 6 23 158 54 10.5 324 587
PET 2 L 6 EURO 80X120 9 6 23 158 54 13.5 324 749
PAIL 19L EURO 80X120 15 3 42 146 45 20 45 920
TIN 20L EURO 80X120 15 3 35 125 45 20 45 920
type capacity Units / case pallet per layer layers case HT in cm pallet HT in cm total cases Case gross WT total units Pallet Total WT in kg
PET/PP 3 L 6 US 100X120 7 6 25 170 42 20.1 252 864
PET 3 L 4 US 100X120 9 6 25 170 54 13.5 216 749
PET/PP 3 L 4 US 100X120 9 7 25 195 63 13.5 252 871
PET 750 ml 12 US 100X120 10 9 16 164 90 10.5 1080 965
PET 1,6 L 6 US 100X120 12 6 23 158 72 10.5 432 776
PET 1,6 L 6 US 100X120 12 7 23 181 84 10.5 504 902
PP 8L 2 US 100X120 16 4 32 148 64 17.5 128 1140
PP 19L US 100X120 20 3 42 146 60 20 60 1220
PET 750 ml 6 US 100X120 20 9 16 164 180 5.4 1080 992
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