The Commitment of the Management of the company N. GERENTES S.A. (a.k.a GEROLIVE), regarding food safety is
determined by the need for safe trade, packaging and processing of table olives, by the customer demand, modern
know-how and quality control capabilities.
For this reason, the company’s Management has determined as a superior objective the strict implementation and
operation of a Food Safety Management System in accordance with the ISO 22000:2018 standard at all stages of
the production process, as well as its continuous improvement.
To achieve this goal, the Management is committed to ensure the following:
Satisfying the required requirements for food safety, including the legislative and regulatory requirements as
well as the requirements agreed with the customer related to safety but also such as the case-by-case use of
non-genetically modified materials for the production of its products.
Systematic identification, evaluation and control of the risks related to product safety.
Implementation of the necessary procedures and measures for the effective control of risks.
Continuous verification of the suitability and effectiveness of the procedures and control measures and their
update if necessary.
Αvailability of the necessary material resources.
Selection of competent personnel, ensuring professional competence and providing training assistance in
relation to food safety.
Sufficient information available and effective communication.
Systematic conduct of confirmation and validation checks of the System.
Food Safety Management at all organizational levels.
Successful handling of internal and external communications issues.
Continually improve the performance of the system’s processes regarding food safety based on indicator
measurements and targets.
The company N. GERENTES S.A. (a.k.a GEROLIVE) emphasizes the prevention of any failure (quality and/or safety)
and the internal operation of the company is organized based on the effective planning and control of all business
activities that affect the customer satisfaction, with the objective of early detection and immediate overcoming of
any malfunctions. In this framework, every identified operational problem is treated as an opportunity for
continuous improvement.
Recognizing its executives as the most valuable capital for the company, the management of N. GERENTES S.A.
(a.k.a GEROLIVE) ensures the creation of conditions of constructive cooperation between the executives of all
hierarchical levels.
Finally, the company treats all its suppliers, partners and all participating parties as an integral part of its wider
potential, offering every assistance to ensure long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation relationships.

Date: 01.NOV.2020